Mohawk Tile


Mohawk ceramic tile is available in a wide selection of colors, textures, and sizes in rustic, refined, and casual looks. Hard-working porcelain tile is also available and is composed of dense material that is highly water-resistant. Also offered is accent tile that features fashionable patterns, mosaics, and varied textures like glass, stone, and metal.
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Marazzi Tile


Marazzi offers a vast array of products – porcelains, glazed ceramics, glass mosaics, metallics – and brings a total tile package that focuses on both aesthetics and performance. Wall and floor tile, decorative accents, and natural stone are available. An international company with a presence in 130 countries, Marazzi Tile has had a manufacturing plant in Sunnyvale, Texas since 1982.
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Emser Tile


Emser offers a comprehensive array of interior and exterior products that include porcelain, ceramic, metal, glass, quarry, decorative accents and mosaics, cut-to-size stone, engineered stone, setting materials, and custom-manufactured products. Styles include traditional, contemporary, rustic, and wood. Emser produces both floor and wall tile.
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Talisman Tile by Lowitz & Company


Designed for vertical applications in wet or dry areas, decorative white ceramic Talisman tile is handmade from stoneware clay and is hand-glazed with matte, stone-like glazes to blend beautifully with stone. The patterns and are simple, classic, and timeless.
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Antiquity Tile


Antiquity Tile is handmade and is manufactured for floors, pools, kitchens, bathrooms and more. The tiles are either hand-painted or dipped with one of more than 28 glazes that give the tile a lot of variation and a one-of-a kind look. Antiquity tiles are made one tile at a time, and are designed and handsculpted by the company’s owners.
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CRStudio4 Tile


CRStudio4 specializes in functional, original, art-like tiles. CRStudio4 can produce almost anything you can think of.  From custom designs (like tile that incorporates a family crest) to custom glaze colors, CRStudio4 can customize ceramic tile to fulfill your wishes. Functionally sound and aesthetically pleasing, each tile is handmade. Customized metal tiles are also available.
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